विश्ववाणी(vishvavANI) is a Sanskrit webzine which has been brought out by students from various US universities. The first issue is being released on the auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima day (June 29, 2007), in dedication to all our teachers. The main aim is to promote Sanskrit, with emphasis on students in universities. The articles are written by students who are learning Sanskrit and may contain unnoticed errors. We request the indulgence of the readers on this issue and humbly request them to point out any mistakes, or provide any suggestions or feedback by e-mailing vishvavani[at]speaksanskrit[dot]org. Alternately, post your comments and suggestions on the blog and help us improve our knowledge of the Sanskrit language. Articles for publication may also be sent to vishvavani[at]speaksanskrit[dot]org.

We sincerely thank Dr. H. K. Ramapriyan, Dr. Dhananjay Vaidya, Shri Narendra Kapre, Shrimati Sharada Varadarajan, and Dr. P. Narayanan for helping us correct and improve all the articles.

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