Campus Samskritam is a network of students, alumni and faculty of several universities spread across the US, aimed to promote the learning and usage of spoken Sanskrit among the campus communities. Under the guidance of Samskrita-Bharati, the Campus Samskritam network helps organize workshops, regular study groups (called bhAShA-vargAH) and other Sanskrit related activities in several places in and around various campuses through which students learn to speak in Sanskrit. The existing members include groups from MIT, Stanford, University of Maryland, CMU/U Pitt, UPenn, Purdue, CalTech and PSU. Explore this website for everything you want to know including our webzine- Vishvavani.

The beginner's level classes are designed in such a way that even someone without any prior knowledge of language can learn to speak in sanskrit very easily (though not necessary, knowing one Indian language would be helpful). A truly fun way of learning the ancient language, a veritable storehouse of knowledge and wisdom!

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