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baala kaaNDa 33-36

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 8:11 pm    Post subject: baala kaaNDa 33-36 Reply with quote

Heads up - I have tried to translate while preserving the grammatical
forms (and meaning, of course). In the process, I have recklessly
butchered English. Apologies.

And now for this week's shlokas:

33. tataH siddhaashramaM praapya kaushikaH saharaaghavaH|
adhvaraM cha samaarebhe raakShasaashcha samaagaman||

anvaya - tataH saharaaghavaH kaushikaH siddhaashramaM praapya adhvaraM
raakShasaaH samaagaman cha|

Then, Kaushika, who was with Rama, having reached the ashrama of
sages, started performing yaagas. And the demons came there.

tataH - then
saharaaghavaH - prathamaa eka va. - raaghaveNa saha vartate iti
saharaaghavaH - one who is with raaghava
siddhaashramaM - dviteeyaa eka va. - siddhaanaam aashramaH. tam. -
sages' ashram.
praapya - lyabanta avyaya - having reached
adhvaram - dviteeyaa eka va. - yagna
samaarebhe - lit prathama puruSha eka va. - started
raakShasaashcha - cascaded sandhis: raakShasaaH + cha = raakShasaas +
cha = raakShasaashcha =visarga sandhi, followed by shchutva sandhi,
samaagaman - lu~g prathama puruSha. bahu va. - converged upon or came together.
samaagaman - sam is a prefix (as in samskritam)- no sandhi., ditto samaarebhe
(This is the same lakaara that we came across last week with avadheet).

34. raaghavastu tato&streNa kShiptvaa maareechamarNave|
subaahupramukhaan hatvaa yaj~JaM chaapaalayanmuneH||

anvaya - tataH raaghavaH tu maareecham astreNa arNave kShiptvaa
subaahupramukhaan hatvaa muneH yaj~JnaM cha apaalayat|

Then, Rama, having tossed maareecha into the ocean using astra, and
having killed subaahu et al., protected the sages' yagna.

raaghavastu =raaghavaH + tu - visarga sandhi
tato&streNa -- cascaded sandhis: tataH + astreNa = tato + astreNa =
tato&streNa - visarga and then pUrvarUpa
astreNa - napumsaka li~ga - tRuteeyaa eka va.
kShiptvaa - ktvaanta kRudanta avyaya - having tossed
maareecham - pulli~ga dviteeya eka va. - Mareecha
subaahupramukhaan - pulli~ga dviteeya bahu va. - subaahuH pramukhaH
yeShaam te. taan. - literally, those, whose leader is subaahu. Taken
to mean subaahu and co.
(I forget the maareecha and subaahu story though).
hatvaa - ktvaanta kRudanta avyaya - having killed
yaj~JaM - pulli~ga dviteeya eka va.
chaapaalayanmuneH - cha + apaalat + muneH = savarNa deergha(first one)
and anunaasika sandhi (second one)

35. kaushikena tato raamo neeyamaanaH sahaanujaH|
ahalyaashaapanirmokShaM kRutvaa sampraapa maithilam||

anvaya - tataH kaushikena neeyamaanaH sahaanujaH raamaH
ahalyaashaapanirmokShaM kRutvaa maithilam sampraapa|

Then Rama, who was taken by Kashika, and who was with his younger
brother, having released ahalyaa from the curse, reached maithila

kaushikena -tRuteeya eka va.
tato raamo neeyamaanaH = tataH + raamaH + neeyamaanaH = two visarga sandhis
neeyamaanaH - prathamaa eka va. - one who is taken by . - There is
more to this word (gramatically speaking) that I'm missing. Anyone
care to elaborate?
sahaanujaH - (split as saharaaghavaH above) - one who is with younger
brother - prathamaa eka va.
anujaH = younger bro, agrajaH = elder bro.
ahalyaashaapanirmokShaM - napumsaka li~gga dviteeya eka va. - two samaasas:
ahalyaayaaH shaapanirmokSham. tam.
shaapanirmokSham = shaapasya nirmokSham.
kRutvaa - ktvaanta kRudanta avyaya
sampraapa - lit prathama puruSha eka va. - reached.
maithilam - dviteeyaa eka va., Mathila city (state?)

36. janakenaarchito raamaH kaushikena prachoditaH|
seetaanimittamaaneetaM babha~jja dhanuraishvaram||

anvaya - janakena architaH, kaushikena prachoditaH raamaH
seetaanimittam aaneetaM aishvaram dhanuH babha~jja|

Rama, who was honored by Janaka, who was encouraged by Kaushika,
broke Shiva's bow that was brought for the reason of Sita ('s

janakenaarchito raamaH = janakena + architaH + raamaH = savarNa
deergha and visarga sandhis.
janakena - tRuteeya eka va
architaH - prathamaa eka va - one who is honored
kaushikena - tRuteeya eka va
prachoditaH- prathamaa eka va - one who is encouraged
seetaanimittamaaneetaM= seetaanimittam + aaneetam - no sandhi.
seetaanimittam = seetaa nimittam yasya tat - that which is for the sake of Seeta
napumsakali~gga dviteeyaa eka va.
aaneetam - dviteeyaa eka va.- that which was brought
babha~jja - lit prathama puruSha eka va - broke
aishvaram - eeshvarasya idaM - belonging to eeshvara
dhanuraishvaram = Shiva's bow. - this is a samaasa
dhanuH cha asau aishvaraH - bow that is Shiva's
(dhanus sakaaraanta pulli~gga shabda)
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